.100 strangers.

"People are strange…when you’re a stranger…"

Stranger #4…Grizzly hippy…

We will call him Stranger #4… (Somehow stranger #3 never got posted)
He and his gf are traveling to California to see the Redwoods and the heading to the Slabs or Slab City …a hippy colony(his words).
So I told him I’d only give him money if he let me take a pic of him with his sign, and I was curious about the ugly part. He said it was because he looks like a grizzly. I wished safe travels and a Merry Christmas. Nice people. 🙂



Stranger #3…Jyoti Nori…

Technically I did not take this picture…but my camera did. 🙂

Jyoti is a friend of my sister’s. I met her a couple weeks ago when my sister asked if I would go with her to Jyoti’s house to take family pics for her.

I also got to visit with her a few nights ago at Keli’s house. I really enjoy talking to Jyoti. She’s very open and talks about anything. She has lived in the United States for 15 years. (If I remember right.) And recently became a US Citizen. And from the little interaction I have had with her it is obvious she is very proud to be an American!

Stranger #2/100…"Joe Black"

Stranger #2/100..."Joe Black"

For the last couple weeks I have been taking my youngest daughter to Fain Park to pass the time till my oldest daughter is done with school. Today my daughter wanted to go watch the people fishing so we did.

She immediately walked over to where “Joe”, I had noticed this man a couple times on the docks fishing, was sitting and chatting him up and right then he got a bite. So we stood and watched him reel in his catch. Then we watched as he got the hook out. My daughter was pretty interested in the fact that the fishy was bleeding. But not bothered by it. Joe told her he was going to take it home and have it for dinner. I don’t think she caught what he said. He then  hooked the fish on his string line and drop it back in the water till it was time to go. He asked me if we had been there last week cuz he had seen us walking around.

So I decided this was my chance to do another 100 strangers shot.  I asked if he minded me taking his picture he said that was fine.  Then I told him what it was for and that it would be on the internet.  He looked at me like…hmmm maybe not.  Then said if you don’t use my name.  Ok!  He said I could make up a name and Joe Black was the first generic to pop into my head.

I asked him if he came fishing much and he told me he had come 3 times last week and didn’t catch a thing.  Though yesterday and today he caught 3!  He was a very nice guy and I am glad I decided to ask him! 🙂

So we got up to leave and I told him well my name is Brandy, and thank you for letting me take a pic of you!  He said I am ——, you’re welcome!  I laughed and told him AH! You told me your name. And he smiled…

Stranger #1/100…Tom & DaNece

Strangers #1 & #2/100...Tom & DaNece

Hey go stand in the great dappled shade and let me take your pic! DER!

It was great to meet them! I have been following Tom’s great pics of the beauty of Prescott and other various places for awhile now, but this was our first time meeting each other outside the flickr world. I just ran across DaNece’s flickr stream yesterday! I hadn’t ever seen hers.

We all took part in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk. We walked Prescott, AZ along with 40+ other talented people. Rich Charpentier was our fearless leader…many thanks to him for arranging the walk and choosing a great route for us!

Quote of the day:
A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking. – Jerry Seinfeld

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